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Al-Qassim PHCs Serve Over 500,000 Beneficiaries Last Year
05 April 2022

​​According to Qassim Health Affairs, over the past year, Brauidah Central Hospital’s primary healthcare centers (totaling 23 centers), have provided their services to 581,608 beneficiaries. 356,151 patients were served by the family medicine clinic, 41,901 by the dental clinics, 31,771 by the vaccination and healthy child clinic, and 48,094 patients were served by the urgent care clinics.

It added that 3,957 patients benefited from exploratory examinations, 39,658 from the flu vaccination campaigns, 26,955 from the breast cancer early detection program, 14,152 from the obesity early screening program, and 2,135 from the pregnancy follow-up clinics. Also, the Screening Program for Colorectal Cancer served 373 patients and 862 patients benefited from the elderly care program.

Last Update : 06 April 2022 01:31 PM
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