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Jeddah: 400+ Surgeries Performed by King Abdulaziz Hospital in March
05 April 2022

​According to Jeddah Health Affairs, over the past month (March), King Abdulaziz Hospital has performed 441 surgeries, with 305 scheduled and 136 emergencies, in addition to 119 one-day surgeries. 

Within the same vein, the medical team of the hospital has successfully ended the suffering of a patient with a chronic constipation, which has increased to the extent of flatulence and vomiting for a week. After conducting the necessary medical examinations, he was diagnosed with acute intestinal obstruction, due to intestinal obstruction, which required urgent surgical intervention. When the abdomen was explored, there was intestinal rotation and obstruction of the colon, known as Waugh's syndrome. This syndrome affects newborns, often in the first three months of life; as the infant develops autosomal recessive cystic fibrosis, which is a genetic disease affecting both males and females.

The medical team supervising the case decided the necessity for a surgical intervention; to remove the colon, along with a part of the intestine, and make an external gastrostomy opening. After that, a surgery was performed to connect the intestine with the rectum; for normal excretion instead of an enterostomy. The surgery was crowned with success, and the patient underwent a complete medical observation and past the critical condition. Then, he was discharged from the hospital.

Last Update : 07 April 2022 11:23 PM
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