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Bisha: 7,000+ Patients Served by King Abdullah Hospital in March
05 April 2022

​According to Bisha Health Affairs, over the past month (March), King Abdullah Hospital has served 7,489 patients, and performed 533 dialysis sessions, in addition to receiving 350 blood donors.

Within the same vein, the neurosurgeon of King Abdullah Hospital has performed a complex cancer surgery that lasted more than eight hours, for a patient, who had been suffering for several years from chronic headaches, trembling in the left part of the body, and general weakness. After examinations, she was diagnosed with a large brain tumor extending deep into the brain, causing severe pressure on the nerve centers that control movement and sensation in the body. An urgent surgery has been performed in the presence of the anesthesia care team, and with using cutting-edge endoscopic equipment.​

Through the surgery, a skull opening was made, then the brain membrane was opened with precise tools, and the tumor was resected from associated blood vessels, as well as making sure that there were no clots or tumors, and finally the brain membrane was resewed. By Allah’s Grace, the surgery was crowned with success and the patient was referred to the ICU; to monitor her vital signs. Then she has been discharged from the hospital, and her condition is monitored periodically in the clinic.

Last Update : 07 April 2022 01:30 PM
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