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Hail: 90 Volunteer Opportunities Implemented during Ramadan
20 April 2022

​Hail Health Cluster, during the first half of Ramadan, has implemented 90 volunteer opportunities in different health fields and support services, with the participation of 284 volunteers and a total of 12,000 volunteer hours. ​

In the same vein, a voluntary initiative was recently launched at Hail International Airport under the theme “Our Fasting is Healthy”, with the aim of providing health and awareness services and medical exams for Umrah performers and travelers. The initiative continues throughout the holy month of Ramadan, focusing on a number of vital sites in the city of Hail to provide health services, raise the awareness of the importance of changing dietary habits, and conduct medical exams for the visitors of these sites. 

Last Update : 21 April 2022 03:01 PM
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