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Madinah: 8,000+ Volunteer Hours Implemented during First Half of Ramadan
19 April 2022

According to Madinah Health Affairs, during the first half of Ramadan, 8,000 volunteering hours have been carried out at the Prophet Mosque, Quba Mosque, Al-Khandaq Mosque, Sayed Al-Shuhada Mosque, Al-Fateh Mosque, Al-Miqat Mosque, and Al-Harmain Train Station. The services were provided to Umrah performers and visitors including health education, measuring vital signs, helping old persons, and field health awareness services. ​

87,000 Umrah performers and visitors have benefited from the services provided by “Sawaed Al-Siha” (Hands-on) program, through 200 volunteers, it added.

Last Update : 20 April 2022 03:15 PM
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