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Jazan: 30 Consulting Clinics Launched at Healthcare Centers
19 April 2022

According to Jazan Health Affairs, 30 consulting clinics have been launched to provide treatment services to beneficiaries through 5 healthcare centers all over Jazan.  ​​

It pointed out that this step comes in continuation of its efforts to expand the healthcare services to the beneficiaries and to integrate the services of the healthcare centers and hospitals, as well as reducing waiting time, early detection of chronic diseases and their follow-up and treatment by supporting the centers with consultants in a number of medical specialties. 

The consulting clinics were launched at 5 healthcare centers, namely Ahad al Masarihah Healthcare Center, Abu ʽArish Healthcare Center, Al-Zabia Healthcare Center, Bish Healthcare Center, and Mukhattat 5 Healthcare Center- Jazan. Each center has 6 clinics providing treatment services in the following specialties: general surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, diabetic foot, and blood diseases. Appointments can be made through «Sehhaty» App. 

Last Update : 24 April 2022 01:14 PM
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