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King Abdullah Medical Complex-Jeddah Ends Patients’ Suffering from Chest Pain
19 April 2022

​By Allah’s Grace, the thoracic surgery team of King Abdullah Medical Complex-Jeddah has successfully ended the suffering of five patients through uniportal thoracoscopic surgeries. Patients had been suffering chest pain, shortness of breath, and collapsed lung (pneumothorax).

After due clinical examinations, including x-rays and CT scans, in addition to pleural biopsy, the patients were diagnosed with persistent pneumothorax and lack of lung space that affected its function, and collected multiple pulmonary suppurations, in addition to purulent pleuritic (or what is medically known as empyema).

The medical team decided to perform a surgery that lasted two hours, during which the patents’ suffering was ended through uniportal thoracoscopic surgery. It was crowned with success without any complications, and the patients were discharged from the medical complex after their health condition stability.

It is noted that affiliated hospitals of Jeddah Health Affairs have performed 1,681 surgical endoscopic procedures over the past three months (January, February, and March) of this year, in various medical specialties.

Last Update : 20 April 2022 04:04 PM
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