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Hail Health Affairs Continues Brucellosis Awareness Campaign
13 April 2022

​Hail Health Affairs continues its awareness-raising campaign on brucellosis, its causes, transmission modes, and prevention methods. The campaign featured visiting 93 sites, including the northern and southern livestock markets, and livestock pens near the suburbs of Hail and neighboring villages.

It is noted that the campaign aims to educate shepherds and livestock owners about brucellosis, its transmission modes, and prevention methods, as well as distributing awareness leaflets. These leaflets focus on the importance of precautionary measures, including buying milk and its derivatives from safe sources, pasteurizing or boiling fresh milk, avoiding drinking raw or unpasteurized milk, eating well-done meat, in addition to highlighting the importance of washing hands with soap and water well after touching animals.

Last Update : 13 April 2022 03:38 PM
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