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Ajyad Emergency Hospital Saves Pilgrim with Stroke
13 April 2022

By Allah’s Grace, a specialized medical team at Ajyad Emergency Hospital was able to save a pilgrim after suffering a stroke, with weakness in the upper and lower right limbs during the performance of Umrah.​​​

From the Al-Haram emergency centers, the rapid response team transferred him to the hospital to perform a CT scan to rule out brain hemorrhage.
On the other hand, the case was also seen by a consultant in neurology and stroke from the Virtual Hospital, through telemedicine technology, which is linked to Ajyad Emergency Hospital. This comes within MOH’s Stroke Project, which includes neurology and stroke consultants around the clock. After receiving the necessary medical care, the patient’s health condition stabilized.​

Last Update : 14 April 2022 02:39 PM
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