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Hafr Al-Batin: 2,000+ Beneficiaries of Breast Cancer Comprehensive Clinic
12 April 2022

​​According to Najran Health Affairs, the breast cancer comprehensive clinic, over the past year, has served 2,160 beneficiaries, with 66 positive cases detected with mammography and 7 breast cancer cases through biopsies.​

The screening starts with verification of the patient’s data and medical history and then the treating doctor directs the patient to have mammogram or ultrasound screenings, or both of them. The patient will get an appointment for another visit if required
Then the treatment begins and the doctor determines the breast cancer treatment options according to the type, stage, and size of breast cancer and when to start chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or radiation therapy. 

Last Update : 13 April 2022 11:48 AM
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