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4,000+ Surgeries Performed by Al-Qunfudhah Hospitals in 2021
11 April 2022

​According to Al-Qunfudhah Health Affairs, over the past year (2021), affiliated hospitals have performed 4,031 various surgeries.

Within the same vein, the medical team of Al-Qunfudhah General Hospital has successfully saved the hand of an injured person, who had a cut in his upper arm. The patients had arrived the emergency department, while suffering from severe bleeding in his arm due to the injury. The treating team has provided the medical care appropriate to his critical condition, and performed several surgeries for him to restore arteries, veins, nerves, and muscle. Thus, the blood circulation was restored properly. The injured is still receiving medical care in the hospital, and his health condition is stable, all praise is due to Allah.

Last Update : 11 April 2022 02:00 PM
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