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Makkah: Health Services Gear up for Visitors and Umrah Performers during Ramadan
11 April 2022

Makkah Health Cluster, represented by Ajyad Emergency Hospital and Al-Haram Emergency Hospitals and Centers, has increased its readiness to provide integrated healthcare services 24/7 to Umrah performers and visitors of Al-Haram. The Cluster is keen to provide high-quality and integrated healthcare services.​

Ajyad Hospital features stroke telemedicine connecting the hospital with the Ministry’s virtual hospital, which has a neurology and stroke consultant available around the clock to communicate with patients and evaluate their health conditions and carry out the required medical procedures. Also, the ICU and emergency sections are enhanced with the most advanced medical equipment, including 2 CPR beds. The radiology department includes a digital x-ray machine in addition to an advanced CT scan machine and modern ultrasound devices. In addition, the laboratory department performs all necessary tests for critical and emergency cases, and the pharmacy department provides medications for all types of critical cases. Al-Harm emergency centers (3 centers) operate 24/7 and provide emergency services to all visitors of the Grand Mosque.

Last Update : 13 April 2022 02:24 PM
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