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Madinah: 2,000+ Volunteer Hours Implemented by «Sawaed» Program
04 April 2022

According to Madinah Health Affairs, Ramadan health volunteering plan will be launched through MOH Volunteers Project «Sawaed» (Hands-on), with 185 volunteers. They total 220 volunteers during the past 3 months, with 2,881 volunteer hours. ​

The Affairs aims at attracting volunteers to join the health staff in providing the best health awareness services and support services for visitors to the Prophet Mosque. The health services are also provided at Quba Mosque, Al-Qiblatayn Mosque, Al-Miqat Mosque, Al-Fateh Mosque, Al-Haramain Train Station, King Muhammed bin Abdulaziz Airport and Jadet Quba, it added.

It pointed out that volunteering opportunities are available via the “health volunteering” platform.

Last Update : 05 April 2022 01:33 PM
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