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MOH Launches Clinic for ‘Long COVID’ Care
30 March 2022

​MOH launched a clinic for the post-COVID-19 condition, known as ‘long COVID’. This step is a continuation of the efforts MOH exerts to combat the pandemic and provide medical services to COVID-19 patients. The clinic targets individuals who still have COVID-19 symptoms a month after contracting the virus. It handles preparing the treatment plans that suit each patient in the main hospitals of all regions and governorates. Patients can book an appointment at the clinic by calling the number (937). 

The long COVID-19 service also targets those who have recovered from the virus a month after contracting it and are still showing symptoms. Several individuals could deal with COVID-19 symptoms for up to a few weeks. This condition is known as ‘Long COVID’. Its symptoms include Symptoms lasting for over 4 weeks, and new symptoms appearing 4 weeks after the infection. These symptoms could affect any organ in the body. 

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that all cases improve with time; however, the symptoms seem to vary from one person to another. The most common ones are Cough, shortness of breath, fatigue and exhaustion, muscle and joint pain, trouble sleeping, loss of smell and taste senses, bad mood, and loss of concentration. 

Last Update : 31 March 2022 07:38 AM
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