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Hafr Al-Batin: 2,700+ Surgeries Performed by King Khalid Hospital Last Year
29 March 2022

​According to Hafr Al-Batin Health Affairs, over the past year, King Khalid Hospital has performed 2,753 surgeries.

Within the same vein, the neurosurgery team put an end to the suffering of a patient with severe lower back pain on left side. After checkups, he was diagnosed with lumbar (herniated) disk between the fifth lumbar vertebrae and first sacral vertebrae, in addition to pinched nerves. The team decided to perform a surgery, during which the adhesions of vertebral canal and nerve root were removed, the cartilage was pulled from the vertebral endplates, and the nerve root was released. Thanks to Allah, the surgery was crowned with success.

It is noted that King Khalid Hospital (with a 300-bed capacity) provides its surgical services in all medical specialties.

Last Update : 29 March 2022 12:36 PM
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