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92 Health Facilities in Makkah Gear Up for Ramadan
28 March 2022

​​​Makkah Health Cluster has completed its preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, in terms that 10 hospitals and 82 healthcare centers are fully ready to implement the plans prepared for the holy month. Al-Haram Hospital and affiliated emergency centers operate 24/7 to provide health care services to visitors of the Holy Mosque. Al-Haram Hospital is located on the northern side of the Holy Mosque in front of King Abdullah’s Gate, however the three emergency centers are disseminated at the corridors of Al-Haram, all of which are enhanced with the cutting-edge equipment to deal with emergencies.

Furthermore, five mobile clinics will be enhanced with integrated medical teams and fully equipped to provide primary health care services. These mobile clinics will be distributed over some locations in the central region and entrance to Makkah; to provide health services to visitors of the Holy Mosque.
It is noted that all departments of hospitals and healthcare centers operate based on a plan, in harmony with work progress and with no effect on its quality; as each shift works for 6 hours (by 4 shifts a day) to provide health services around the clock.

Last Update : 28 March 2022 02:44 PM
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