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Jazan Hospitals Enhanced with Physicians in Rare Specialties
20 March 2022

​According to Jazan Health Affairs, affiliated hospitals have been enhanced with 165 physicians (28 consultants, 71 interns, and 66 residents) in various medical specialties, most notably: adult intensive care, neonatal intensive care, anesthesia, cardiac surgery, pediatrics, orthopedics, emergency, urology, internal medicine, endocrinology, nephrology, in addition to other specialties.

It is noted that Jazan Health Affairs has commenced to redistribute medical cadres in various specialties, as part of its project to expand the provision of various health services at all affiliated hospitals. This project aims to enable beneficiaries to obtain health services without incurring the trouble of searching for the service in their residence areas, and without the need to transfer or being referred to other hospitals.

Last Update : 20 March 2022 08:22 PM
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