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Al-Ahsa: Over 5,000 Surgeries Conducted by Maternity and Children Hospital Last Year
20 March 2022

The Maternity and Children Hospital in Al-Ahsa, over the past year, has conducted 5,700 surgical operations. Also, the hospital has served more than 19,000 inpatients and over 8,400 births, during the same period.​

In the same vein, the hospital’s medical teams have successfully performed a rare operation for a 5-year-old girl using a microsurgical endoscope. She was suffering from chest infections and heartburn. After due clinical examinations and laboratory and x-ray tests, she was diagnosed with a hernia in the diaphragm. Doctors decided to conduct a surgery during which the hernia was successfully repaired. The girl left the hospital in good health.

Last Update : 21 March 2022 10:22 AM
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