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Tabuk: 353 Successful Surgeries Performed by King Khaled Hospital in 3 Months
17 March 2022

By Allah’s Grace, over the past three months, King Khaled Hospital in Tabuk has successfully performed 353 surgeries. ​

Within the same vein, a medical team at the hospital has removed a large piece of stone swallowed by a child that caused him severe cyanosis and coughing, as well as a drop in his oxygen level. He was placed on a ventilator, and then a chest x-ray was performed, which showed the presence of a foreign body in the bronchi of the right lung, which has expanded into the left lung. 

Immediately, the medical team transferred him to the operating room after providing him with first aid, and successfully removed the foreign body using a rigid bronchoscope. The child’s condition is currently stable, and he is in good health, praise be to Allah.


Last Update : 20 March 2022 11:10 AM
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