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‘Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs’ Implements Over 242,000 Volunteering Hours for Health Professionals
09 March 2022

Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs implemented 242,254 volunteering hours, in which 1,219 volunteers participated last year. ​

Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs said that over 25 volunteering opportunities in the field of health programs and services were implemented, within the framework of the volunteering program, via the ‘Health Volunteering Platform’. This platform allows health professionals who are interested in volunteering and serving their country to find the volunteering opportunities they are looking for. In addition, the program relies on an integrated and sustainable system of volunteering work through a platform that coordinates the volunteering teams’ work, as well as an integrated initiative to invest the energies of the youth to support health personnel and relevant agencies. 

The program aims to create an environment that encourages a sense of responsibility and creativity, as well as ensure optimal utilization of community partnerships and regulate social participation through an approved mechanism that coordinates the work of volunteer forces and stakeholders.

The role of volunteers is mainly based on disseminating reliable health information using all means available about the COVID-19 preventive and precautionary measures. Meanwhile, the program attempts to reduce the spread of this pandemic by providing volunteering opportunities in the field of awareness and support.

Last Update : 15 March 2022 03:02 PM
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