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King Fahad Hospital in Al-Hofuf Approves Neurological Disease Program
03 March 2022

​​King Fahad Hospital in Al-Hofuf has performed over 4,850 surgeries, including 2,324 surgeries that were urgent, and 1,214 that were scheduled. The medical teams of the hospital performed 1,319 one-day surgeries last year. 

Al-Ahsa Health Complex said that it has developed a program to treat neurological diseases at King Fahad Hospital in Al-Hofuf, in cooperation with the Interventional Neuroradiology Section in King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Dammam. Precise interventional procedures were used in the Interventional Radiology Unit at King Fahad Hospital in Al-Hofuf. 
The new program provides qualitative treatment procedures for certain types of emergency and complex neurological cases, namely, acute stroke cases and congenital defects and malformations that affect the brain blood vessels.

Al-Ahsa Health Complex said that the medical teams were able to treat a number of these qualitative cases with zero complications. They are modern medical procedures adopted as alternatives to traditional surgical procedures and their complications.  These interventional procedures are also extremely accurate and allow patients to resume their normal lives in a short time.

Last Update : 16 March 2022 04:52 AM
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