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MOH: 5th Season of Awareness Award «Wa3i» Launched
01 March 2022

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched today (Monday) the fifth season of Awareness Award «Wa3i», which is one of MOH’s initiatives in partnership with the Council of Health Insurance. The «Wa3i Award 2020» campaign is held under the theme #Arabs_agreed_upon_Wa3i, with prizes worth more than one million riyals. ​

The award aims to encourage citizens of the Arab world to produce creative content that contributes to enriching awareness content in the health field. This season’s award will be available for the Arab countries to participate in the following branches: short films, motion graphics, infographics, photography, in addition to the creative ideas, the new branch allocated for this year. The participation applications will be received from March 6th, 2022 via the Award’s website.

 It is noteworthy that MOH, through this award, seeks to motivate community members to adopt a healthy lifestyle to enhance prevention, reduce the incidence of disease and increase activity and production.

Last Update : 15 March 2022 03:13 PM
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