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First Wireless Cardiac Pacemaker Implantation Surgery Performed in Jeddah
01 March 2022

The Cardiac Center at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah performed 158 cardiac catheterizations, and 6 open-heart surgeries last month. 

Jeddah Health Affairs said that an integrated medical team specialized in interventional electrocardiograms at the Cardiac Center at King Abdullah Medical Complex in Jeddah performed the first implantation procedure of a wireless cardiac pacemaker, via an interventional cardiac catheterization through the femoral vein, without completely making an incision in the skin or installing wires inside the heart. 

The patient suffered from sudden syncope (fainting). After an electrocardiogram test, a complete interruption in the passage of the heart’s electricity from the atria to the ventricles was discovered. This caused a severe slowdown of the heartbeat. A regular surgery for implanting a cardiac pacemaker using wires inside the heart was performed; however, it failed due to the absence of a right subclavian vein. It was not possible on the left side either due to the wires passing to the heart. This required implanting a wireless pacemaker using local anesthesia. The procedure took an hour. 

The wireless pacemaker is usually less susceptible to bacterial infections of the heart and skin, as well as other complications, compared to the device with wires.

Jeddah Health Affairs explained that the wireless pacemaker helps patients with a slow heartbeat, or total electrical cardiac failure, lead a normal life and avoid frequent syncope. The patient will be trained to adapt to the device and be comfortable with its presence in his everyday life. Moreover, the patient and his family will be instructed on how to keep an eye on the former’s health condition at home. He is currently in good health and his condition is constantly monitored by the external heart clinics.


Last Update : 20 March 2022 08:36 AM
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