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Seha Virtual Hospital Reflects Level of Progress in Digital Transformation, Governor of Digital Government Authority Says
28 February 2022

​The Governor of the Digital Government Authority Eng. Ahmed Bin Mohammad Al-Suwayan stressed that the launch of the Seha Virtual Hospital, which supports 130 hospitals around the Kingdom and provides 30 health services, reflects the level of progress in the digital transformation in the Kingdom and government integration and reliability of digital infrastructure. The hospital, which is the largest of its kind, reflects the level of progress in the health sector with the aim of achieving quality and performance excellence.

Al-Suwayan congratulated the Health Minister Fahad Al-Jalajel and all MOH staff for this achievement, which contributes to achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in digital transformation, improving the quality of life, achieving sustainability, and enriching the experiences of beneficiaries, which the Kingdom’s government has set among the priorities of its ambitious vision.

The Kingdom continues to steadily strengthen its leading position as a center for innovation and development in digital government services. Last week, the Kingdom ranked first in the Government Electronic and Mobile Services Maturity Index (GEMS) issued by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA). The health sector services were one of the main factors in obtaining this entitlement for the Kingdom, which is added to other international achievements, including the second place among the G20 countries in the Digital Competitiveness Report in 2021 issued by the European Center for Digital Competitiveness. Also, the Kingdom ranked among the first group of the highest pioneering and innovative countries in the areas of providing government services and interacting with citizens, according to the (GovTech) report issued by the World Bank. Hence, the readiness rate of digital government services reached 98%, and the service maturity rate reached more than 83%

Last Update : 14 March 2022 02:29 PM
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