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Al-Ahsa: Interventional Radiology Department of KFH - Al-Hofuf Developed
15 February 2022

​​According to Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, King Fahd Hospital (KFH) - Al-Hofuf has developed the Interventional Radiology Department. It has been enhanced with rooms equipped with cutting-edge medical technologies to perform various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, a room for taking ultrasound-guided tissue samples, in addition to a 2-bed area for patient preparation and recovery.

 “The Interventional Radiology Unit is the first of its kind in Al-Ahsa Governorate; in terms of enabling specialists to perform many specific therapeutic procedures, such as: artery dilation, angioplasty, stent placement, cyst & abscess removal, taking biopsies, endovenous laser treatment, uterine fibroid treatment, as well as nonsurgical treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, in addition to other procedures, which are characterized by accuracy, safety, and same-day discharge with minimal complications”, stated Al-Ahsa Health Cluster.

It is noted that King Fahd Hospital-Al-Hofuf is the reference hospital in the governorate, which features all major specialties, some sub-specialties, and a number of specialized centers. Last year, it served 124,949 emergencies and 123,773 outpatients.

Last Update : 17 February 2022 11:54 AM
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