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Over 200,000 Medical, Forensic Tests Conducted at Eastern Region Poison Control Center
08 February 2022

​The Eastern Region Poison Control Center has conducted more than 297,000 medical and forensic tests last year. Eastern Region Health Affairs said that the Center has conducted 151,422 lab tests of abused drugs, 14,151 tests of suspected cases, and 25,906 tests of poison samples. In addition, 58,297 forensic chemistry tests were conducted. The Center has provided 6,214 test samples to detect pharmacological toxins, in addition to conducting a chemical and bacterial analysis of water samples, as it handled 9,388 water sample tests.  

The Eastern Region Health Affairs said that the Center is connected to all government and private bodies through “Awtar” platform, with the aim of speeding up and facilitating the procedures of the services provided. The Center has also organized the International Pharmacology and Toxicology Conference. Moreover, the National Competition for Toxicology was organized, with the participation of nine universities across the Kingdom.  

Noteworthy, the Center received the Institutional and Programmatic Accreditation from the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties this year, after meeting the requirements of the occupational health training. 

Last Update : 15 February 2022 08:11 AM
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