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Al-Ahsa Health Affairs: Medical Authority's Procedures Automated
03 February 2022

​Al-Ahsa Health Affairs General Directorate has completed automation of all the procedures of the General Medical Authority, by introducing 12 services through the e-system. The concerned parties can use this system to monitor the procedures, to check progress using accurate indicators, and ensure that outpatients’ transactions are conducted on time, and with ease.  

Al-Ahsa Health Affairs said that outpatients can download the application on their smart devices and complete all requirements without referring to the authority, as well as track their applications, as all transactions get documented. Supervisors can also use the system to check all attached documents, and carry out transactions. Additionally, outpatients get notified of any updates in their transactions by the application. The software also provides high levels of privacy and security to protect the data exchanged.  Beneficiaries can visit the General Medical Authority website to benefit from the services it provides.  

Noteworthy, Al-Ahsa Health Affairs implemented 247 treatment decisions via ‘My Care’ e-program, from 16-20 January, 2022.

Last Update : 08 February 2022 05:59 AM
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