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Northern Borders: 66,000+ Patients Served by Shobat Nisab Hospital Last Year
01 February 2022

According to the Northern Borders Health Affairs, over the past year, Shobat Nisab Hospital has served more than 66,00 patients, with 43,200 emergencies and 23,404 outpatients. Also, the hospital has performed 84,319 lab tests and 5,240 radiological examinations, as well as dispensing 69,434 prescriptions.​

It is noted that the Affairs features 10 specialized medical centers (a cardiac center, 3 diabetes centers, 3 kidney centers, and 3 dental centers), as well as 11 hospitals with a 1,410-bed capacity, which are enhanced with a number of delicate medical specialties, such as neurosurgery, heart surgery, bariatric surgery, endoscopy, and others. Besides, the Affairs has 45 primary healthcare centers.

Last Update : 02 February 2022 01:38 PM
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