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MOH Unifies its Apps into “Sehhaty” App
26 January 2022

Proceeding from its keenness to facilitate the access of all citizens and residents to the healthcare services, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has merged its apps in the unified app “Sehhaty”. The incorporated apps include “Sehha”, “Tetamman” and “Mawid”.   

It is noteworthy that the «Sehha» app allows beneficiaries to get medical advice remotely from certified doctors under the supervision of MOH, through text, voice, or video conversations. Rest Assured «Tetamman» App. reinforces the commitment of all persons directed to isolation, and follow-up their cases; in an endeavor to open a direct communication channel, as part of the efforts of various authorities that have made human health at the forefront of their concerns and priorities. And the Central Appointment System «Mawid» aims to enable the patient and the recipient of the service to reserve their appointments in the primary health care centers in coordination with the management of appointments. It enables them to book, cancel or reschedule their appointments at any referral hospital.

Last Update : 01 February 2022 12:10 PM
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