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Al-Ahsa: 31 Field Visits Made to Private Facilities Last Month
26 December 2021

According to Al-Ahsa Health Affairs, during the period from January 2nd-20th, 2022, 31 field visits were made to private facilities to ensure their compliance with the regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Health, including issuance, renewal, and cancellation. The visits included 11 pharmacies, 5 optical shops, 6 medical complexes, 4 hospitals, 4 laboratories, and COVID-19 testing. The system aims to stipulate and enable the private sector to get data and reports electronically; thus contributing to increasing investment flows in the sector, it added.​

It pointed out that the health facilities can get the service through registration via «Sehha» platform, which provides precise, quick, and instant service. The Affairs aims to upgrade the quality of services provided to the private sector in line with the Kingdom Vision 2030

Last Update : 07 February 2022 10:09 AM
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