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Al-Qurayyat: 500,000+ Patients Served by Affiliated Hospitals Last Year
19 January 2022

According to Al-Qurayyat Health Affairs, over the past year, the emergency and outpatient clinics of its affiliated hospitals have served 628,554 patients.​

It added that 204,904 emergencies and 97,178 outpatients were served by Al-Qurayyat General hospital, 11,591 outpatients and 870 emergencies by the Mental Hospital, 17,741 outpatients and 157,213 emergencies by King Faisal Hospital, 4,400 outpatients and 7,361 emergencies by Al-Haditha General Hospital and 35,425 outpatients and 17,945 emergencies were served by Al-Esawia Hospital. 

Last Update : 24 January 2022 09:10 AM
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