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Najran: 7,782 Births at Maternity and Children Hospital Last Year
18 January 2022

According to Najran Health Affairs, during the past year, the Maternity and Children Hospital’s emergency and outpatient clinics have provided their therapeutic and consulting services to 163,423 beneficiaries. ​

It said that 42,666 patients were received by the women's emergency department, 65,924 by the pediatric emergency department, and 54,833 patients by the outpatient department, as well as 7,683 births and 7,782 babies. Also, the hospital has performed 7,683 births (7,782 babies), 4,797 surgeries, 1,260,864 lab tests, 39,492 radiological examinations and dispensed 182,102 prescriptions. It has served 875 patients at the Development and Behavioral Disorder Center and 13,327 at the Physiotherapy department.

Last Update : 23 January 2022 12:00 PM
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