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Over 67,000 Home Visits Implemented by Jazan Home Medical Care Department Last Year
17 January 2022

​The Home Medical Care Department in Jazan has conducted 67,712 visits to beneficiaries in the governorates, districts, and areas of the region. The beneficiaries of the services were estimated to be 1,892 last year.

Jazan Health Affairs said that the medical teams of the Department have given the COVID-19 vaccine to 4,767 beneficiaries and family members.  They have also given the seasonal flu vaccination to 1,680 beneficiaries, chaperones, and employees during that period. Moreover, 447 medical devices were provided for home medical care patients, and 2,209 prescriptions were delivered to beneficiaries at their homes. 

The home medical care team in Jazan provides curative, preventive, awareness, and rehabilitative services to beneficiaries while they are home with their families, according to the standards and mechanisms approved by MOH, with the follow-up of Jazan Health Affairs.  Additionally, lab analyses, medical examinations, and wound care services are provided to patients at their homes, using the latest treatment methods. Securing and delivering medical supplies and medications is also done by the concerned teams.

The Home Medical Care Department is working to provide high-quality health care to patients at the comfort of their own homes, through an integrated team that has experience and skill in diagnosing and treating chronic diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, asthma, heart diseases, mental illnesses, arthritis, and diabetic wounds. The team also provides preventive medicine services.
This step reflects Jazan Health Affairs’ keenness on making the obtainment of home medical care services easy for patients and maintaining their health and safety. 

Within the framework of its efforts, Jazan Health Affairs is also implementing an initiative to provide and deliver to patients medical equipment (e.g. medical beds, air mattresses, wheelchairs, cranes, etc.). It also provides patients with video and phone consultations to ensure constant follow-up on the condition of patients is done.  

Last Update : 26 January 2022 09:09 AM
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