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Al-Jouf: 165,000 Patients Served by Maternity and Children Hospital
12 January 2022

​According to Al-Jouf Health Affairs, during the current year, the Maternity and Children Hospital has provided its services to 165,096 beneficiaries, with 100,724 received by the emergency department, 63,968 by pediatric emergency, 36,756 by women emergency, as well as 12,626 inpatients (6,885 children and 5,741 women). Also, the hospital has served 51,746 outpatients, recorded 3,854 newborns, provided health education to 10,944 persons, received 6,538 patients at the physical therapy and rehabilitation department. Moreover, the hospital has performed 2,033 surgeries, 17,587 radiological exams, 621,999 lab tests, as well as providing breastfeeding services to 3,782 newborns, homecare services to 3,149 patients, and 2,901 patients were received by the assisted reproduction center.

Last Update : 25 January 2022 10:45 AM
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