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MOH Ranks First in Ninth Government Digital Transformation Measurement System
26 November 2021

MOH has ranked first among other ministries in the ninth government digital transformation measurement system. The ranking is the result of MOH’s hard work to implement ambitious and innovative plans to develop the health system in the Kingdom. These plans included building an integrated health transformation plan, developing governance and financing programs, and providing health services in accordance with the top international practices, in line with the National Transformation Program and Vision 2030. Digital health is considered a pivotal part of the transformation of the health sector.

MOH has been keen on raising awareness of digital transformation. It has also managed to achieve electronic linking and data exchange with government agencies to provide integral services. Moreover, MOH employed smart phone applications extensively, alongside emerging technologies, and artificial intelligence techniques to facilitate access to health services in innovative ways. For instance, ‘Sehhaty’ application played a major role in creating innovative channels that allowed proper communication with beneficiaries. It also provided virtual clinic services, remote medical consultations, and vaccine and examination booking services during the pandemic. The e-prescription system in government hospitals and health centers was also introduced, in addition to developing a digital national vaccination record.

MOH continued to completely adhere to the laws and legislations related to digital transformation and ensured that all digital services are developed. The Ministry has also applied the institutional structure, which is a tool for digital transformation. Not only that, but it has also made great strides in terms of improving beneficiaries' experience and developing digital solutions to measure their satisfaction and keep the improvement going. 

Last Update : 29 November 2021 08:52 AM
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