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Al-Ahsa: Over 150 Virtual Appointments Recorded by Prince Sultan Cardiac Center
21 November 2021

Prince Sultan Cardiac Center has started receiving outpatients virtually via the telemedicine service, which allows patients to communicate directly with their doctors through video calls. The center has allocated 10 clinics with built-in webcams and speakers on weekly basis to ensure the service is provided on time and with high quality. 

According to Al-Ahsa Health Cluster, the service team has recorded 168 appointments and prepared their files electronically over a period of 4 weeks. Also, virtual referrals were received by peripheral hospitals.

It noteworthy that the service connects patient with his doctor through "Sehhaty" App to facilitate access to health services and enable beneficiaries to get integrated service remotely, with the aim of saving time and effort required to obtain the service and medical advice.

Last Update : 24 November 2021 02:17 PM
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