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MOH: COVID-19 Booster Shot Safe and Available for Everyone
07 November 2021

MOH spokesman, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdulaali, said that the pandemic is still prevalent globally, with some countries witnessing a remarkable increase in the number of infections due to inaction in terms of applying the precautionary measures and not completing immunization.

Over 46 million doses were given to people in the Kingdom, and about 21.7 million people were given the two doses of the vaccine, he said, pointing out that the booster dose is safe, enhances community immunity, and is available for everyone. At the same time, he urged those who have not yet taken the vaccine to do so for the safety of all.

He said, “We are pleased about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines for those aged 5-12 years and we will notify the public once the vaccines are approved”. Al-Abdulaali revealed that 40 new COVID-19 cases were reported in the Kingdom, bringing the total to 548,930. These include 2,268 active cases, including 50 critical cases.

The MOH spokesman made this statement in the COVID-19 briefing held on Sunday, with the participation of the Deputy Sports Minister for Media and Communication and spokesman of the Ministry. Al-Abdulaali mentioned that 64 COVID-19 recoveries were reported, bringing the total number of recoveries to 537,858 to date. And one new death was reported, bringing the total number to 8,804.

For his part, the Ministry of Sports Spokesman said that after the decision to ease the precautionary measures for those who have taken two doses, we coordinated with Weqaya to update the protocols for sports activities, including the return of fans to stadiums. Entering stadiums will be limited to immunized people as shown in the Twakkalna application. They have to keep wearing face masks and can accompany children younger than 12 years. 

Also, the protocols call for reducing press and media briefings and preventing those with any symptoms from entering the facility. All sportsmen are required to use their own tools, he added. 
 For applying the protocols, a number of procedures were highlighted, including increasing the number of organizers of sports activities, selling tickets electronically, reporting violators on a daily basis, holding workshops with the participation of organizers of matches and sports clubs, and intensifying awareness-raising campaigns on compliance with the precautionary measures.  

As an important partner in implementing the precautionary measures, sports sectors were requested to assign monitors to ensure implementation of the protocol and to educate the facility’s workers on the disease’s symptoms and methods of transmission, as well as training them on the method of examination.

Since the resumption of sports activities at the end of 2020, the ministry has conducted 10,000 inspection tours. 814 violations were recorded against sports halls and centers and 314 against individual athletes, the spokesman said. 

For the safety of all, fans and athletes are requested to abide by the precautionary measures, including wearing face masks at indoor and outdoor facilities, except when practicing a sport. Also, older persons and those with chronic diseases are advised to avoid entering sports facilities. He highlighted the major role played by the sports clubs and federations and their efforts to comply with the precautionary measures. 

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