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Jazan: Marine Ambulance Service Saves 12 Patients
20 October 2021

The marine ambulance service, since it was launched at the beginning of August up to the end of September 2021, has saved the lives of 12 patients, who were transported from Farasan Island Hospital to Jazan Hospitals, according to Jazan Health Affairs.

It said that the marine ambulance’s medical transportation teams are available around the clock to serve the people of Farasan Island and to follow up the transportation process through the operation room of the Affairs’ Emergency, Disasters and Ambulatory Transportation Department. In addition, the telemedicine center oversees the health condition of the transported patients from the time they leave Farasan port until their arrival at Jazan port, and transporting them to the specialized centers of Jazan hospitals. The emergencies transported over the past two months included various illnesses, such as heart attack, kidney failure, brain and nerves, newborns, anemia, and pulmonary failure, it added.

It is noteworthy that the marine ambulance service is enhanced with the latest international standards and advanced safety systems, and has 3 beds, including an intensive care bed, with the possibility of increasing the capacity to 5 beds when needed. It is also enhanced with emergency medical devices and telemedicine technology. 

Last Update : 25 October 2021 10:45 AM
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