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Bisha: 1M+ Beneficiaries Served by Healthcare Centers Last Year
10 October 2021

According to Bisha Health Affairs, over the past year 1442H, the primary healthcare centers in Bisha have provided their services to 1,343,751 patients, 1,155,330 benefited from the morning shift services, and 188,421 from the on-duty center's services.

It added that the healthcare centers have served 790,589 outpatients, 58,316 patients at the dental clinics, 12,240 at the pregnancy care clinic, and 66,764 at the healthy child clinic. Also, 122,722 patients were seen at the diabetes clinic, 82,283 at the hypertension clinic, and 22,416 at the asthma clinic.  

A number of on-duty healthcare centers have been designated to operate 24/7 with the aim of helping beneficiaries to receive urgent healthcare services with ease and comfort. These centers are South City Healthcare Center, Sabt Al-Alaya Healthcare Center, Bani Amro Healthcare Center, and Al-Amwah Healthcare Center.

Last Update : 11 October 2021 09:13 AM
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