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MOH to Organize Blood Donation Campaigns on Saudi National Day
24 September 2021

MOH continues to exert efforts to raise awareness of the importance of blood donation, promote the culture of blood donation, increase the number of voluntary and regular blood donors, and instill nobility as a humanitarian goal in the area of generosity and giving. 

In this context, MOH announced an increase in voluntary blood donation, nearing 90%. Furthermore, MOH implemented 1,137 blood donation campaigns last year in various regions and governorates of the Kingdom. These campaigns aim to obtain the largest number possible of blood units from donors to secure reserves that exceed the basic stock available in MOH’s blood banks.

To celebrate the 91st Saudi National Day, MOH intends to launch several blood donation campaigns in many cities of the Kingdom in multiple locations, including event venues, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports during some matches of the next round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman League. Mobile blood donation vehicles will be available to receive donations. In addition, several specialized associations, as well as communities residing in the Kingdom, will be initiating blood donation campaigns.  

Last Update : 28 September 2021 02:31 AM
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