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MOH Launches Awareness Campaign on the Importance of Taking Second Dose of Vaccine
18 September 2021

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched today (Saturday) an awareness campaign under the theme “Kamilha Wala Taeish Bennus” (which means be fully vaccinated and don’t skip the second dose), with the aim of underlining the importance of taking the second dose of COVID-19 vaccine and be fully vaccinated to reach herd immunity. 

The campaign includes several awareness products, which will be published on MOH’s Twitter page and its awareness platform: «Live Well». The campaign will focus on urging community members to take all doses to confront the virus mutations and highlighting the risk of skipping or delaying the second dose.

This step comes in continuation of the COVID-19 awareness campaign launched by MOH in conjunction with the outbreak of the virus, under the theme “Prevent Coronavirus”. It aims to educate all members of society about the new Coronavirus. It also guides them towards correct behaviors that contribute to preventing the disease and limiting its spread. 

Last Update : 19 September 2021 09:48 AM
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