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MOH Calls for Application for 4th Edition of «Ada’a» Health Award
15 September 2021

​The Ministry of Health (MOH) has called for application for the fourth edition of Performance «Ada’a» Health Award. It covers six main topics: response to COVID-19, recovery from COVID-19, health performance, adoption of new services (such as telemedicine, and ‘Mawid’ services), in addition to two other topics associated with national initiatives and international partnerships. Under each topic, there is a group of sub-topics.

The scope of this year’s edition has been extended to include national and international domains. This is meant to highlight the Kingdom’s efforts in combating the COVID-19 pandemic, and maintaining stability of the health system. It also seeks to underline the key success stories in the various sectors and establishments over the past year, during which they faced huge challenges. Besides, it aims to review the world’s best practices in responding to the pandemic, especially in research and comprehensive care domains.

It is worth mentioning that «Ada’a» Health Award is one of the initiatives launched as part of the Performance «Ada’a» Health Program. This program, deemed to be a pivot of the health sector transformation, aims to improve service quality, and make services accessible. To do so, it works in accordance with strategic targets, in a way that contributes to realization of the Saudi Vision 2030. In this spirit, the program is continuously expanding its topics, scope, and services, as well as bolstering its partnerships with all components of the health system, with a view to achieve the common goal of promoting and advancing the Kingdom’s health system.

Last Update : 16 September 2021 05:18 AM
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