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Top-notch Blood Transfusion Device for Sick Children Introduced in East Jeddah Hospital
08 September 2021

Jeddah Health Affairs Department said that East Jeddah Hospital has recently started using the ‘Spectra Optia’ apheresis system, which separates and transfuses blood components to help treat sick children. It is introduced for the first time in Jeddah, and is the result of cooperation between the sections of Pediatric Hematology, Interventional Radiology, and the laboratory.
‘Spectra Optia’ is one of the world’s state-of-the-art blood transfusion devices. It is used for children and adults with sickle cell anemia who need regular blood transfusion. It also has many other uses to help patients with various blood diseases. This device allows the transfusion of blood in a safe and comfortable way. It does not require patients to be admitted to the hospital. Moreover, patients can leave on the same day as the blood transfusion process takes less than two hours. 

‘Spectra Optia’ system provides special standards for distinguished medical care in the field of therapeutic transfusion of blood to patients. Furthermore, the device has multiple uses, including treating autoimmune diseases. It also separates the plasma containing antibodies and replaces it with healthy plasma. Six procedures were performed using the device last week, and all patients were discharged on the same day in good health, with zero complications. 

Last Update : 09 September 2021 04:06 AM
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