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Al-Qatif: Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic Launched at Al-Nasirah Healthcare Center
07 September 2021

The Eastern Region Health Cluster has inaugurated a chronic kidney disease (CKD) clinic at the specialized clinics building of Al-Nasirah Healthcare Center as a part of the new healthcare model project (one of the Ministry of Health National Transformation Initiatives), with the chronic kidney disease follow-up track being activated at the primary healthcare centers (PHCs). The kidney track aims at early detection, diagnosis, and follow-up of renal impairment cases, while working on educating patients with renal insufficiency about the importance of a healthy lifestyle to keep your kidney (or part of it) in good health, to facilitate referral of patients, as well as receiving patients referred from hospitals upon completion their treatment, and ensuring implementation of the treatment plan at the center’s clinic.

It pointed out that the cluster’s healthcare centers feature 3 CKD clinics at the specialized clinics- Al-Aqrabiah of Khobar sector, at Al-Qadisiyah Healthcare Center of Dammam sector, and at Ibn Sinai Center of Jubail sector. Recently, a CKD clinic was inaugurated at Al-Nasirah Healthcare Center.

It added that referral can be made via Mawid App for the target groups, including patients with stage 3 kidney disease, those whose glomerular filtration degree is between 45 and 60%, patients with high protein filtration rate exceeding 30 mg/g, patients with a family history of kidney failure and many other cases.

Last Update : 07 September 2021 04:01 PM
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