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The Eastern Region: 100,000+ Beneficiaries of «Tetamman» Clinics So Far
26 August 2021

According to the First Health Cluster of the Eastern Region Health Affairs, «Tetamman» Clinics, over the first half of this year, have served 116,720 beneficiaries. 

These clinics (totaling 16) are available across the governorates of the Eastern Region at Ank General Hospital, Ras Tanura Hospital, Safwa General Hospital, Al-Khafji General Hospital, Al-Nairiya General Hospital, Prince Sultan Hospital- Mulaijah, Prince Sultan Hospital-Urayarah, Qariya Al-Ulya General Hospital, Al-Rafiah General Hospital, Salwa General Hospital, Al-Bat’ha General Hospital,  Al-Shifa Medical Center- Dammam, Al-Awamiyah Healthcare Center, Central Al-Jubail Healthcare Center,  Al-Jisr Healthcare Center, and Biqayq Healthcare Center. They are available for all citizens and residents.

Last Update : 26 August 2021 05:30 PM
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