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The Eastern Region: 2,000+ Beneficiaries of Advanced Training Courses
25 August 2021

According to the Eastern Region Health Affairs, more than 2,000 trainees have benefited from the chemical cleansing tent training course, which is organized weekly by the Affairs. During the course, the trainees are briefed on ways to deal with chemical spills, chemical decontamination processes, and sorting mechanisms in decontamination accidents. Also, during this year, it has provided several courses, including radiation emergencies course, benefiting 400 trainees, a special course on advanced response to stroke patients, and training of 100 security men from the Ministry of Interior, as well as the health counselors of the region's schools.

It added that the Emergency and Crisis Department plays an important role in training the health professionals, government employees, and all community members on dealing with crises and disasters and briefing them on first aid. 

Last Update : 29 August 2021 10:06 AM
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