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250,000+ Emergencies Served by Najran Hospitals in 6 Months
17 August 2021

According to Najran Health Affairs, over the first half of this year, affiliated hospitals have served 251,323 emergencies, with 49,801 at Maternity and Children Hospital, 62,572 at King Khalid Hospital, 26,855 at New Najran General Hospital, 26,652 at Habona General Hospital, 7,727 at Thar General Hospital, 47,986 at Sharurah General Hospital patients, 10,830 at Khabash General Hospital, 9,159 at Yadamah General Hospital, 7,011 at Badr Al-Janoub General Hospital, in additionto 2,730 emergencies at Eradah Complex for Mental Health.

Last Update : 17 August 2021 02:25 PM
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