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Al-Jawf PHCs Serve Over 440,000 Beneficiaries
17 August 2021

Al-Jawf Health Affairs General Directorate stated that the total number of beneficiaries of the primary healthcare centers (PHCs) in Al-Jawf was estimated to be 442,421 during the first half of this year. There are 41 health centers in Al-Jawf, distributed on 4 districts. They are:  17 PHCs in Sakaka, 10 PHCs in Domat Al-Jandal, 8 PHCs in Tabarjal, and 6 PHCs in Suwair.

These centers provide their services through general clinics, vaccination clinics, and dental clinics. In addition, they comprise sections of radiology, sterilization and quality, as well as laboratories. The centers also include education clinics, and they offer other services, such as: extended working hours centers. They receive patients after the official working hours of the PHCs. The centers also include consulting clinics where medical consultation services are provided by consultant doctors in different specialties. 

In addition, the centers offer remote medical consultation services through ‘Sehhaty’ application and the (937) Service Center. Doctors receive calls on the number (937) 24/7, including on public holidays. Patients can also get medical consultations on Sehhaty application all days of the week, 16 hours a day.

Noteworthy, ‘Tetamman’ clinics in two districts in Domat Al-Jandal and Tabarjal were dedicated to providing COVID-19 vaccines, in addition to 5 centers in Sakaka, Domat Al-Jandal, Tabarajal, and Suwair.  

Last Update : 18 August 2021 05:03 AM
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