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MOH Launches #Don’t_Be_Fooled Campaign to Warn Against COVID-19 Vaccine Rumors
08 August 2021

MOH started implementing the “#Don’t_Be_Fooled” campaign, which aims to warn against the rumors surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines, and stress the importance of getting information only from official sources. 

The campaign includes an educational video clip that will be posted on MOH's Twitter account and its awareness platform (Live Well). It aims to warn the community against people who twist truths and falsify information for personal benefits. The campaign also reveals the media and research deceptions used by those who do not support the vaccines and the ways they attempt to falsify scientific facts with to mislead their community. This campaign is a continuation of MOH's efforts to emphasize the safety and effectiveness of the authorized vaccines in the Kingdom.  ‏

Last Update : 10 August 2021 01:33 PM
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