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150 Open-Heart Surgeries Conducted by KSMC
04 August 2021

King Saud Medical City's (KSMC) Section of Cardiac Surgery at the Heart Health Center has managed to perform 150 open-heart surgeries over the past two years, with a success rate exceeding the global average.

This number of surgeries included 14 CABG (beating heart) cases, with a 100% success rate.  Furthermore, 22 surgeries were performed on patients with weak hearts. The heart strength of these patients ranged from 20% to 35%, with a 100% success rate. It is worth mentioning that complications following these surgeries remained at a minimum compared to global averages. In some cases, the complications were lower than the global average. 

Opened only two years ago, the Cardiac Surgery Section is the most recent in the city. The medical staff in the section, including surgeons, nurses, and technicians, was trained in surgery rooms and in various wards. In addition, the section has a selection of competent and experienced medical staff (2 heart surgery consultants, 3 cardiac surgeons, 3 cardiac perfusion technicians, a cardiac anesthesia consultant, a cardiac intensive care consultant, and 6 cardiac surgery technicians). 

Last Update : 05 August 2021 02:35 AM
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